The Mission:

The purpose of the South Florida Youth Summit is to bridge youth and nonprofit organizations of South Florida together

The South Florida Youth Summit has identified 5 focus areas within the youth community that will be included in a year-long program of teaching and mentoring. No other program in South Florida has an agenda this comprehensive to address issues and provide solutions. National data shows that students who are mentored (group and individual) have higher graduation rates, lower incidences of violence, and perform better overall in school.


Provide South Florida’s youth with a 2-3 day event that will:

  • Inspire youth to become advocates for change in their schools and communities.
  • Empower youth into becoming proactive in breaking gender, racial and cultural barriers.
  • Connect youth with community organizations that may aid them in becoming “the change they wish to see”
  • Serve youth with educational and leadership opportunities that will encourage them to achieve their highest goals and potential.

6 Focus Areas include:

  • STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)
    We create an interactive environment where students learn the valuable concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • LEADership Development
    Servant Leadership principles guide leadership development activities where students are encouraged to give priority to the needs of those they serve while preparing the way for developing student leaders to follow.
  • Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    Students learn skills and techniques to solve problems while creating socially responsible companies and organizations that become engines of change in their communities.
  • Financial Literacy
    Basic financial principles, including the steps to entrepreneurship, provide a solid financial foundation for participating students.
  • Youth Violence Prevention
    Principles of law, respect, conflict resolution, and self-esteem are the tenets used to discourage students from using violence to resolve differences.
  • Childhood Obesity
    Students are engaged in activities and learning that promote proper nutrition and the benefits of being fit.

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